It isn't about you....

So many clients talk about worrying about what others think about them or what they did wrong to cause someone to treat them a certain way etc. But so often other people's behavior towards us has nothing to do with us but is about them. An example I use often is about passing a coworker in a hallway and them not acknowledging you. This can hurt and make us wonder what we did that damaged the relationship. But it is more likely that it had nothing to do with us but is a reflection of them being in their own head either about a work issue or their home life. I know I've done this, where I'm so focused I don't even realize there is another person present. It has nothing to do with the other per

Relationships, deciding if this one is right for you.

I talked with someone today. She is considering breaking up with her boyfriend. She described her life as being bad for the past year and a half and she has been with this guy for that length of time. Towards the end of the conversation she stated that she has tried to break up with him before. I asked what happened and she said that he started calling her a slut, on Facebook, by text etc. We discussed the block feature that is available on Facebook and on many phone plans or sometimes it might be necessary to change ones number. She understood. What struck me though was the the implication that what got them back together was him calling her a slut. This is a very red flag in my opinion, na

So you are considering seeing a therapist...

So you are thinking about seeing a therapist. The first step is to decide if you want to use your insurance or pay on your own. The pros and cons to using insurance are that it might limit which therapists you can see but it is likely also to be less expensive. The best therapist for you may not take your insurance and information about you has to be provided to your insurance company in order for the therapist to be paid. The pros of paying on your own include having a better choice of therapists and having greater privacy. The con is that your cost might be higher than if you utilized your insurance. If you decide to use your insurance, the next step is to find a therapist in your insura

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