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When it comes to dating, love, friendships and family, do you struggle with feelings of confusion, insecurity or loneliness? Individualized therapy, which can be brief or longer-term, can help you resolve the issues holding you back in your life.


Below are some of the areas we’ll focus on during our sessions:

Identify patterns of behavior and thoughts that are unhelpful.

Increase healthy behaviors and thoughts.

Identify your part in the conflict as well as in the partners you choose.

Strengthen self-esteem to help ensure making better choices so you achieve your life goals.

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Insurances accepted for Individual Therapy: Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, Medicare, United, Optum and Employee Assistance Programs



A good relationship between client and therapist is the best indicator for success and it’s important to continue to assess this relationship even after starting therapy. 


But how do you find the right one?  Start with licensure. 

In the state of Colorado, anyone can call themselves a therapist or counselor, legally. Finding a licensed therapist/counselor does not guarantee they will be a good fit for you. However, it does ensure they have had the necessary schooling and supervised hours post graduation to meet the state requirements for licensure, thus increasing your chances of finding a quality therapist. 

To check on a therapist’s license status, you can visit Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies license lookup.

*Just enter the therapist's first and last name. If it is a common name you might enter their city. 

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