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Beginning therapy is a difficult decision. It can be scary. You’ve made a courageous and important first step by researching which therapist is best for you.  

Distressed couple with man turning his back on woman and child.
Are you wondering how you ended up here?


We don't always have the best role models for relationships. Sometimes we don't learn healthy skills.  Frequent break-ups, misunderstandings and uncertainty in your relationships can further erode your confidence.  You may be feeling loneliness, frustration, confusion, fear, hurt, and depression.  It doesn't have to be this way.

Let’s break it down.


I’m here to introduce you to therapy in a caring and genuine way. Understanding you, your feelings, goals and strengths is the first step.  I’ll help you identify patterns of unhelpful behavior and look for ways to shift your thoughts and actions.  As a team, we’ll uncover solutions and practice communication skills so you will feel confident in your decisions.  Together we’ll work to ensure you are on the right path, going in the direction you want. 

Winding road through mountains, trees. Path to highest potential.

The path to your highest potential. 

Establishing new patterns and changing your mindset will lead to healing and growth in your relationships and in your life. Each session builds upon the last; helping you develop new and healthier skills you can apply right away. It would be my pleasure to make this journey with you.

Hi, I’m Vickie.


I’m a psychotherapist and couples counselor in Westminster, CO.  My passion is helping individuals and couples work through their challenges, while nurturing you to reach your highest potential.  My goal is to help you feel comfortable and safe in a warm, inviting and non-judgmental environment.  I also welcome diversity in my practice. I have worked with, and am aware of the special issues facing men, lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals and couples.

I graduated with my Master's in Social Work in 2004. Since then I have experienced many different issues in many different types of situations, from working with the severely and persistently mentally ill to people struggling with sexuality, depression, anxiety, PTSD, family of origin issues, childhood trauma, bipolar disorder, divorce/separation, and work stress among others. 

I have been described as being direct but with care and as helping people see another side of their situation. I am the type of therapist who talks and provides feedback during session and will challenge you to work towards the goals you have outlined. You lead the sessions and come with what you'd like to work on during that particular session and I will work along side you to help you achieve your goals. 

Picture of Vickie J. Kulinski, LCSW.
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