Does your therapist want you to come back?

Have you ever wondered how you would be received if you were to return to therapy? I can tell you, probably with warmth and a welcome, especially if you had a good working relationship with your therapist. Ghosting can sometimes be a part of the process so we're generally used to it. But that doesn't mean we don't wonder about the rest of the story, what happened after you stopped coming to therapy, did you get that promotion? did you make that big move? did you propose to your significant other?

We are curious and hope you are doing great, but if you aren't, please contact your previous therapist (provided you found them helpful and were making progress) to make an appointment. We aren't going to judge (if there is judgement, maybe the therapist isn't the right one for you), we aren't going to chastise. We are going to be happy to see you. We are going to do our best to help you resolve what is getting in your way.

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